Fly Magnet (Outdoor)

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Fly Magnet Outdoor Fly Trap
Fly Magnet Outdoor Fly Trap

Intended for outdoor use. The Victor Fly Magnet uses a patented Poison-Free bait (included) that outperforms all others on the market! Safe and effective, the attractant is emptied into the reusable trap and water is added. The result creates a scent that flies can’t resist. Once trapped, flies drown in the water-based mixture. White color and diamond-shaped lid is designed to attract even more “filth” flies.

Available in TWO sizes. Replacement bait (3-pack) is sold separately — see drop down menu.

Place traps in sunny areas 18″ or less from the ground and at least 10-30 feet away from your house. Once filled with flies, dump contents, re-bait, add water and do it again!

The bait used in this trapping system will attract house flies, blow flies and a broad range of other pest fly species.

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