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Resolution for the New Year: Grow More Vegetables

Consider the space you have for growing vegetables then raise all you can.

Keeping Amaryllis Year Round

Receive this winter flowering beauty as a holiday gift? Here’s all you need to know about amaryllis care.

Tide Turning Against Harmful Chemicals

Pesticides singled out as dangerous, especially to mothers and children.

Pesticides Found Harmful To Children’s Lungs

Widely used pesticides decrease childhood breathing function.

Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Steamed, braised and roasted these little cabbages are a healthy favorite in recipes.

War Against Bee Science

Scientist investigating neonicotinoid pesticides and pollinators accuses USDA of intimidation.

Homegrown Thanksgiving

Being thankful for the foods we grow ourselves.

Storing the Harvest: Drying Fruits and Vegetables

Drying fruits and vegetables has distinct advantages over canning, freezing or other preserving methods.

Fall Mulching Tips

Learn how to protect your plants and nourish your soil ahead of the cold winter months.

Fall Is the Time To Plant Lilies

Lilies are among the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the garden. Here’s how and when to plant them.

USDA Program For Bees Not Enough

Government needs to address the real problems behind bee decline.

Planting A Bare Root Fruit Tree

Tips on planting apple, plum, pear, cherry and other popular fruit trees from bare-root stock.

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