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Tips For Accurate pH Testing

Optimal pH levels are critical to healthy plants and high yields in both soil and hydroponics gardening.

Why Grow Organic? Taste.

There are many reasons to eat organically. Better taste is one.

Indoor Winter Gardening Revolution

More and more gardeners are growing inside their homes under lights.

Hybrids, GMOs: Not the Same

Clearing up the confusion between hybrids and GMOs.

Dandelion Control

Yes, it is possible to get rid of dandelions without using toxic sprays. Here’s how.

Growing, Enjoying Microgreens

Like sprouts, radish, beet and other young greens make nutritious salad additions.

Grow Sprouts: For the Health of It!

Tips on raising nutritious sprouts right in your own kitchen … organically!

Growing Culinary Herbs Indoors

Growing fresh herbs through the winter under lights is easy. Here’s how.

Preparing Garden Soil

Healthy soil is the basis of healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

How to properly use beneficial insects to control garden pests.

How to Get Rid of Bugs Organically

Safe, effective and simple – pest control at its very best.

Good Bugs in Your Garden

Attracting or importing “the good bugs” into your yard or garden is a great way to reduce the number of insect pests.

Raised Bed Gardening 101

Tips and techniques for high-yield, raised bed vegetable gardens.

Organic Gardening 101

Pesticides on our produce, GMOs in our food… how do we protect our families? Grow your own.

Flower Gardening 101

A garden filled with flowers will brighten up and enliven any landscape.

Indoor Plant Care

Many houseplants are easy to grow, but they must be given appropriate care in order to thrive.

Indoor Gardening 101

When the winter blahs set in and your dreaming of fresh greens from your garden, consider growing indoors.

Home Composting 101

Compost happens… but it happens a whole lot faster when you know how!

Worm Composting 101

Composting with worms (a.k.a. vermicomposting) is the proverbial win-win situation.

Light Right (Indoor Garden Lighting)

Our handy guide makes it easy to select the best light for growing plants indoors.

The Blog: Welcome

Welcome to Planet Natural’s Blog, a clearinghouse for all things green and growing.

Holly for the Holidays

Find the right kind of holly for your landscape and grow it!

Bayer and Monsanto Tie the Knot

Global seed and chemical giants merge in effort to control markets, world opinion on pesticides and GMOs.

Tips To Keep Your Landscape Green

Healthy lawns and gardens save water, stay attractive. Here’s how to grow green all summer long.

Local Governments Seek To Ban Pesticides, Herbicides

Spraying Lawn ChemicalsNew Mexico’s Taos County has become the most recent locality to consider banning harmful pesticides. On July 5, the Taos County Commission discussed a County-wide ban on the use and sale of herbicides and pesticides.

The County joins other jurisdictions, including the city of Richmond, California and Montgomery County, Maryland that have banned use of the products or are in the process of considering it. In 2014, the Washington, D.C. suburb Takoma Park banned 23 cosmetic lawn pesticides known to pose health risks.

Unlike the Montgomery County ban, the Taos County discussion included suggestions that not only the use but the sale of the herbicides be banned. (The Maryland ban also excluded golf courses and agricultural lands.) (more…)

Growing the Most Cost-Effective Vegetables

Plant these backyard vegetable crops to save money, eat well.

New Labeling on Seaweed Fertilizer Explained

Gardeners have been using kelp extracts for years, but now the EPA is requiring new labeling on the growth amendment.

EPA Says Neonicotinoids Harm Bees

Pesticide manufacturer Bayer attacks study, then backs down.

Best Garden Veggies To Over-Winter

Ordering seeds? Don’t forget vegetables for fall planting and winter gardens.

Vegetable Gardening In Space

Astronauts on the International Space Station grow hydroponic food crops, flowers.

Tips for Successful Winter Composting

How to compost your kitchen scraps and other green waste over the winter months.

Reality Check: Campbell’s Supports GMO Labeling

Has the Campbell Soup Company switched sides on genetically modified ingredients? Not completely.

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